Parts Sales

GT Supplies is a primary source of Waste Equipment Replacement Parts for waste haulers in South and Central Florida. We maintain South Florida’s largest container parts inventory including Lids, Rollers and Casters as well as Roll Off and Grapple Truck Replacement Parts. We manufacture and stock replacement bottoms for front end load containers in 10ga., 11ga. and 12ga. materials.

  • Lids & Lid Rods
  • Casters & Caster Pads
  • Drain Plugs
  • Nose Rollers
  • Ground Rollers
  • Hooks & Hook Covers
  • Hinges
  • Rails & Rail Ends
  • Replacement Container Bottoms
  • Grapple Truck Parts
  • Specialty Container Manufacturing
  • Roll Off Cables
  • Side Rollers
  • Pins, Bushings, Seals, Etc.
Stocking Warehouse for the Complete Line of Impact Plastics

Transportation Services

  • Container Delivery
  • Bulk Container Movements
  • Recycle Bin Delivery
  • Roll Off Subcontractor Services

Truck Repair Services

  • Roll-off hoist repairs
  • Clamshell body & boom
  • Packer truck rebuilds
  • Hydraulic service

Container Services

  • Front End Load Containers
  • Rear Load Containers
  • Roll Off Containers
  • Compactors & Receiver Boxes
  • Container Leasing